How to convert VMware guest in Hyper-V

Download VMWare Tool Kit

You will need a tool called VMDK to to convert your VMware VM to to VHD that Hyper-V can use. Download this from the link above, it is freeware.


Remove VMWare Tools and Power Down the WMWare Guest

Uninstall VMWare tools and power down the VMWare guest operating system to prepare it for conversion.


Convert with VMDK

Open VMDK and and browse to the VMWare files you want to convert. Select the location to store the output VHD and click convert. This is a byte by byte conversion so it may take a while on a large VM.


Copy the VHD to the Hyper-V server

The output from VMDK is a VHD file, copy this to your Hyper-V server using your prefered method for copying large files.


Open VHD with Hyper V

In Hyper-V Manager select New Virtual Machine and Follow the wizard for name and memory allocation. When you get to the step for hard drive select use and existing Virtual Hard Disk and browse to the VHD file you copied over. Complete the wizard.


Start the converted Hyper-V Guest

Start the guest OS and allow it to install any driver changes. This may take a period of time depending on how the original VM was configured.


Install Integration Services

Select Insert Integration Services Setup Disk from the Action menu and install the service.