Import PST file to Office365

The first step is to download and install the Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer.

To connect on Azure you need SAS URL;

On Admin portal: Users->Data migration: Upload PST files-> + Upload email messages (PST files)

Select "Show network upload SAS URL" ( something like this: )

after a while the SAS URL will be displayed->copy and paste to Storage Explorer ( Explorer must be Run as Administrator ). You don't need to use AzCopy tool.

Open SAS-Attached Service->Blob Containers->ingestiondata

and Upload all your PST files

select checkbox on "I'm done uploading my files" and "I have access to the mapping file"

    1. Use the Azure AzCopy tool to upload your filesUse the Azure AzCopy tool to upload your files and packageDownload tool
      1. I‎'m done uploading my files
    2. Prepare the mapping file.
      1. I have access to the mapping file
  1. Click Next and complete the remaining steps in this wizard.

After Next button:

1.Enter a name for this job: enter whatever name you want

2.Upload the CSV file

Use the attached CSV file and enter the information needed to tell the import tool which PST to map to which user on Office 365.

Header Variables:

Workload - always equals Exchange.

FilePath - the folder you created on the blob at the end of the destination bit of the command.

Name - the file name of the PST file.

Mailbox - the email address of the user you want to import into.

IsArchive - either FALSE or TRUE (*all caps).

TargetRootFolder - This variable has two options, either a / which denotes the Root Outlook Folder or a Folder Name of your choosing.