Fix WinRM Service failed to create

The WinRM service failed to create the following SPNs: WSMAN/hostname.domainname.local; WSMAN/INK.

Additional Data:

The error received was 8344: Insufficient access rights to perform the operation. .

User Action

The SPNs can be created by an administrator using setspn.exe utility.

1. run - setspn -L <hostname>

2. You’ll see no entries for WSMAN/<hostname> or WSMAN/<FQDN>


4. Browse to Domain

1. DC=domainname

1. OU=Domain Controllers


5. Right click on CN=<HOSTNAME>, where <HOSTNAME> is the name of the server throwing the error, click Properties.

6. Click the Security Tab

1. click Add / “Network Service”

2. Then check (X) to allow access to “Validated write to service principal name”

3. Click OK

7. Run Services.msc

8. Restart the “Windows Remote Management (WS-Management)” service

9. Check event log for errors.

10. Re-Run - setspn -L <hostname>

11. Locate entries for WSMAN/<hostname> or WSMAN/<FQDN>