QNAP TS-439 Pro II+

Price ( 17.03.2011 ) 740€


Without a box


all about spec and other stuff click on link

To find device on your network use QNAP Finder program ( on CD )

Default username and password admin , admin

I put four WD RE4 Enterprise SATA drives 2TB inside.

Create RAID-5 using LCD display and two buttons ( enter & select )

and I encounter on a problem with one of the disks

You can test HDD disks

HDD 1 Rapid Test result:

Completed: read failure

OK I need to replace HDD

While I'm waiting new hdd, let's do some tests:

1. hot-plug HDD 1 from chasis out

2. put it back (hot-plug of course)

3. wait to rebuild ( take more than couple of hours )

Test 2:

Enable FTP on QNAP

Upload 40GB of data thru ftp connection while system is in rebuild mode

Result: work like a charm

Update with new firmware:

Download firmware from http://www.qnap.com/download.asp

IE9 goes to loop, 5 minutes after you hear a beep from QNAP reload page, check status in log

restart QNAP

after restart a new feature show up