One or more Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition (SEP SBE) clients display the message, "Pending License Activation". All protection settings are disabled.


The activation process can take several hours to complete.


If activation has not occurred within four hours, follow these steps:

On the affected computer, confirm connectivity to the URLs required for installation and activation.

Restart the computer in safe mode.

Delete the following folders, if they exist.



Note: The ProgramData folder is hidden by default. You can access this folder by typing %ProgramData% in Windows Explorer, or by showing hidden files and folders.

Restart the computer.

The SEP SBE client will attempt to activate itself. If the client still does not activate, remove and re-add the Antivirus service within the SEP SBE Management Console.

The same thing if your screen have red X on all services except Safe Surfing

Your Symantec screen must look like this

If you are using RemoteDesktop, you can remove service first in manager

then use cmd (run as admin)

and delete the files ( don't need to use safe mode ),

after restart add service to the computer in symantec manager